For You EMS Newbies…

… Ron is on semester break at school, which means that he is spending his time not in a paramedic classroom, but participating in 5k runs (at the blistering pace of a cold pot of honey tipped over) and photographing beautiful, scantily clad women. Nonetheless, we have scoured the Earth in search of content for you, and have come up with something special.

We have shamelessly stolen an entire episode of the excellent EMS Educast, and called it Special Episode 5 of Confessions of an EMS Newbie.

In it, the Educast gang, Greg Friese, Bill Toon, Buck Feris and Rob Theriault, talk about a non-traditional career path for paramedics: organ procurement.

This is one of particular interest to me, because I have a brother-from-another-mother in Arizona who parlayed his education and experience as a medic into a rewarding career as an Organ Procurement Coordinator. I'm sending him the episode, and perhaps he can chime in on the comments. Ya'll give it a listen, and aside from the subject matter, hopefully you can clear one of my personal conundrums; does Greg Friese sound more like the classic stoned surfer dude, or Patrick the Starfish?

It's Confessions of an EMS Newbie, the podcast that only plagiarizes the very best, baby!