Overheard On The Bolance

Dispatch Drone: "Head quarters to Borg Cube 69."

Ambulance Driver: "Go for 69."

DD: "69, we need you to respond to Fydallo Ho Expressway eastbound near the Chili's, red Chevy Silverado pickup pulled over in the emergency lane with his hazard lights on. 38-year-old male with a spider bite."

[sounds of AD banging his head against the dash]

AD: "Aaahhh, Dispatch, could you repeat your traffic? That came through kinda garbled."

DD: "Fydallo Ho Expressway, eastbound,  at mile marker 29. Red Chevy Silverado pickup, driver says he's – "

AD: "Um, yeah, Dispatch. Guess you weren't garbled after all. 69 responding to the emergent spider bite pulled over one mile from the hospital."

[more sounds of AD banging his head against the dash, whimpering in despair for the human species]

*** five minutes later ***

DD: "69, you can cancel your call. Patient says he's gonna try to make it on to the hospital himself."

AD: "I'm sure it'll be an ordeal, but here's hoping he makes it alive, Dispatch. Godspeed to you, Spider Bite Man, Godspeed…"