Too Little, Too Late

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians has just released its position paper on a proposed lead Federal agency for EMS.

The money quote:

NAEMT believes that a lead agency or administration within a cabinet-level department should be established to lead EMS efforts at the federal level, including development and implementation of a national EMS framework and coordination of all EMS programs and activities undertaken throughout the federal government. NAEMT believes that, as the core function of EMS is the provision of medical care to patients outside of the hospital, this lead agency should be located within the Department of Health and Human Services.

(bold emphasis mine)

Nice job, NAEMT. I've said the same thing myself.

Five months ago.

I'm glad that NAEMT is out there diligently representing my interests, a full three months after the May 15 deadline that FICEMS imposed for stakeholers to offer their input.

I appreciate the sentiment, really, but that does about as much good as plastering a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car six months after Obama took the oath of office.