Calling All EMS and Gun Bloggers: WIN A FREE GUN!

The Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising Challenge

  • Get yourself a kilt, and wear it as often as possible for the month of September. If you don't have a kilt, get a kilt. And if you neither have nor want a kilt, don't let that stop you. Not everyone is manly enough to wear a kilt. Seriously, we won't judge you because you're not secure in your own masculinity. Wimp.
  • If you choose to wear a kilt, post a picture of yourself wearing it on the sidebar of your blog, along with a link to the official Kilted to Kick Cancer page. Throughout the month of September, I'm going to be posting photos of myself wearing a kilt in public. Kilted at the grocery store. Kilted at the movie theater. Kilted at the gun range. Kilted at the elementary school picking up my daughter. Sweaty, naked-from-the-waist-up kilted, while mowing my lawn… okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the picture. If you are too insecure in your own masculinity choose not to go kilted, or if you're female, instead post one of the official Kilted to Kick Cancer badges on your blog:



  • Go visit the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising page on my blog, and read the contest rules and details. Sign-up links are on that page. The way it works is, you click the email link on that page, I send you a unique URL that you can post on your blog that allows us to track your donations. You can donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation or join the Kilted to Kick Cancer grassroots event at LiveStrong, or solicit donations for both. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the donations go straight to those organizations. There are no administrative costs and overhead on this end, and all prizes have been graciously donated by people and companies in the shooting community.
  • What do you win for raising the most funds? Well, I'm glad you asked!


Subject to applicable firearms laws, of course, shipped to the FFL of your choice. You pay transfer fees.

A custom gun belt/ holster combo, made to your specifications, from Michael's Custom Holsters. Mike does premium leather work, and he'll also be making me a coyote-faced sporran with integrated 1911 holster for me to wear with my kilt. We'll also be auctioning off a twin to that sporran, with 50% of proceeds going to the winner's designated charity.


A $250 gift card to Brownell's, courtesy of Larry Weeks. Every gunnie's heart goes pitter pat when the Big Brown Truck of Happiness pulls up with a package from Brownell's!



A $250 gift certificate from Hornady Ammunition


Free registration to a pistol training class from Todd Louis Green. Carry a handgun for personal defense? Aspiring competitive shooter? Consider yourself a competent shooter, but just want to polish your skills? Then you could benefit from professional training, and Todd is one of the best in the business.



A $100 gift certificate from official Kilted to Kick Cancer sponsor, Alt.Kilt. Put it toward one of their Steampunk-inspired kilts shown here, or any of their other awesome custom kilts!


A free pair of Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 SZ CT WPI tactical boots, from Magnum Boots USA. Sorry, the Magnum boots are for U.S. residents only, folks.


The Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising Challenge kicks off September 1, so get ready, and spread the word to your fellow EMS and gun bloggers!

And in the meantime, get yourself checked!