Kilted to Kick Cancer Spotlight: New Life Changes

Shortly after I began blogging, some guy from way up there on the Eastern seaboard started commenting on my blog, and I followed trackbacks to his blog, New Life Changes. Turns out we had a lot in common; we're both medics, we're both shooters and CCW permit holders, and we're both rakishly handsome and charming. I finally got to meet Medic Matthew in person at one of the dinners and blogshoots that Jay G. put together for my annual trips to Massachusetts, and we hit it off right away. 

Yeah, he drives a Jeep and shoots a Mini 14. This is one gay guy nobody's gonna bash!

He's a shooter and a medic, gay and proud, and a good friend. You can support his fundraising efforts for the Prostate Cancer Foundation here. Drop by his blog and tell him you support what he's doing, and drop a few bucks in the hat for cancer research while you're there. If even 20 people who read this donate only $5 each, that's $100 toward a very worthy cause. Every little bit helps.

He's Medic Matthew of New Life Changes, and he's Kilted to Kick Cancer.