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Chief Complaint of the Night

Patient: “I play too many video games.”

AD: ” … ”

Patient: “And they make me itch.”

AD: “And?”

Patient: “And it kinda scared me.”

AD: “And?”

Patient: “And I think I need to go to the hospital to get checked out.”

AD (sighing): “Get in the ambulance.”

Patient: “Can I bring my video game?”

AD: ” … ”

As you may have surmised, his mental cheese was none-too-firmly affixed to the reality cracker.

Makes me glad to be an intrepid lifesaver, yessiree…

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  • ZerCool

    Kelly, let’s be honest here … he asked if he could bring his video game, and you said, “Yes, but only if it’s a two-player game.”

    • Christopher

      Just plug it in here to the HDMI on my LP360 and let’er rip!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t EVEN want to ask how long it had been since this individual took care of personal hygiene…

  • Jaime Cowie

    This is as good as the night I heard an EMS crew dispatched for the “PT traumatized when he was asked to leave a strip club …. “

    • Too Old To Work

      I suppose that depends on how he was asked to leave. Because those bouncers are more than capable of inflicting trauma and not of the psychological kind.

  • phlegmfatale

    Mental cheese and reality cracker made me laugh muchly.  I’m going to use that.  Phlegmfatale

  • Danielle

    “…his mental cheese was none-too-firmly affixed to the reality cracker.”

    I LOL’d.

    BTW, in reading the posts about your sister (may she rest in peace), I noticed that we share a birthday.  It’s an honor sharing my day with one of the coolest guys in the blogosphere.