Public Service Announcement


All the enhanced 911 systems, medical alarm monitoring services and 24-hour sitters in the world will do you no good if the paramedics cannot find your house among the dozens of other cookie-cutter homes on your block.

Do yourself a favor and invest another $30 in your safety and peace of mind, by going down to Home Depot and buying some 3-inch reflective numbers for your house AND your curb, and installing one of these:

That's a GE 3-position emergency light switch. Installs just like a regular light switch, takes about five minutes, if you're really slow walking to the breaker box. Up is on, down is off, and middle blinks the light on and off repeatedly, drawing the medics to your door like resuscitating moths to a cardiac arrest flame.

Well, it does if you install it on your porch light. If you install it on an interior light, there's just no helping you.