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I Love Edison Medicine

Makes me feel all… paramedical, and stuff.

Conversation with the patient after I lit him up like a Christmas tree:

Patient: "So I was pretty sick, huh?"

AD: "Still are pretty sick."

Patient: "I didn't want my wife to call y'all, but I'm kinda glad she did anyway. If she hadn't called 911, I'd have…"

AD: "… stubborned yourself to death? Yes, you would have. I hope to hell you got her a nice Mother's Day gift today."

He's already had his coronary arteries stented, new ones grafted, and the grafts stented, so I guess now he'll get an AICD as his latest souvenir for thumbing his nose at The Reaper.

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  • Christopher

    Kerpow! That’s a fast heart rate.

  • RoscoeMcCoy

    Nice One! Round these parts we call it Georgia Power… nonetheless it works when appropriate!

  • Barron Barnett

    Always makes me happy when I see it work.  My dad worked at Physio Control for a long time and it was a bunch of his buddies that went and created Heartstream and the AED.

    He made a comment once about wondering if he really made a difference.  When he was about to go into surgery once and saw a Lifepack and felt relieved knowing it would work my mom said, “See you did make a difference.”

  • Ted

    Not to pick nits, but if you’re using a biphasic device, shouldn’t that be “Tesla Treatment”?

    • Ambulance_Driver


      Good point!

  • Nick

    Noticed the arrows at the bottom of each VT spike – are you syncing before shocking?
    Also – screw Edison –

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Yeah, it was a perfusing tachycardia.

      Guy’s BP was actually pretty good.

      His symptoms, however, were not.

  • Too Old To Work

    Stents, grafts, stented grafts. AICD and LVAD at the rate he’s going. Or the eternal care unit. 

  • Jake

    Nice. But holy cow that “after” rhythm looks like even more fun just waiting for a place to happen.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Yeah, he was a cardiology train wreck, all right.

  • Sevyrr

    Would love to see his post shock 12 lead

    • Ambulance_Driver

      It showed a sinus rhythm with RBBB and enough inferior wall ST changes to trip the *Acute MI suspected* warning.
      Five minutes later, it was “suspected inferior wall infarct, age undetermined.”
      The guy had had an RCA stent following an inferior wall MI years earlier.