What If There Was a Lasix Shortage, And Nobody Noticed?

According to TOTWTYTR, that should have been the title to my latest article in EMS World Magazine.

Unfortunately, I had already submitted it to my editor by the time my buddy weighed in. Pity, that. I cribbed many of my best lines from him, including the original title of my book.

Go, read. Enjoy.

  • http://profiles.google.com/erniemedic Ernie Sharp

    I stopped using Lasix three years ago. CPAP and Nitro is a much better way to go. Hospital stay is shorter, and the nephrologist doesn’t get as mad at you.

  • Too Old To Work

    It’s what I do. If you had told me you needed a title for your article, I would have come up with it sooner.

    Maybe I should offer it to Rogue Medic! ;)

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