KTKC Prizes: Queen Anne Dueling Pistols

For those of you eagerly vying for the schwag in Prize Package B, feast your eyes on these:

Queen Anne dueling pistols


That's a matched pair of Queen Anne dueling pistols by our kilted gunsmiths. Barrel work by Joe Speer, lock tuning and polishing by Mike Taunt, stocks custom-carved from Bastogne walnut blanks, custom brass hardware and engraving by Jason Bardon. The winner will have his/her monogram engraved on these pistols by Jason Bard0n.

Purty, ain't they? Imagine what they'll look like in a couple of weeks when they're finished.

These gunsmiths do excellent work, folks. Contact them for your gunsmithing and finishing needs:

Joe Speer, Jackalope Repeating Arms

Jason Bardon, Last Vestige Metal and Wood

Mike Taunt, Flat Creek Gun Works