First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Me And My Big Mouth

Okay, so I’m at Blogorado, and one of my gun blogger friends asks me,”So when are you shaving half your mustache?”

I replied that since I hadn’t won the fundraising challenge, I wasn’t shaving anything. Of course, they asked me what it would take to get me to shave my mustache and wax my junk.

$150,” I replied, not taking them seriously.

Money raised in two minutes and fourteen seconds.

Fifteen more minutes, and we had raised $315 for me to shave my ‘stache and wax everything below the shoulders.

I’m going on record that few men will submit to a full body waxing to raise money for a good cause.

If you want to chip in, the links are still on the sidebar.

And to steal a few words from Woodrow F. Call, “I guess that’ll teach me to be more careful what I promise in the future.”

Video and audio to come…

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