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Congratulations, President Obama

I have nothing else to say.

And I swear to Shiva, the first person to post a divisive political comment for either side on this post eats the Ban Hammer.


I’m sick to death of political debate. It’s time to give it a rest for a few months.

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  • ZerCool

    Amen, brother.

  • Matt Landry

    The world will go on turning. Come what may, we will get through it.

    Be not afraid.

  • FarmGirl

    My main commentary last night was not on who in particular was winning each state, but rather a grumbling argument that they were “calling” states way early, and the difference between “predictions” and “results.” I wasn’t even saying that anyone was gonna be wrong, just that they *could* be and whyinhell is everyone acting like it’s over with all those votes unaccounted for??

    Call it a prediction and I don’t care. But, seeing as how I was working and could only see the map, I didn’t get to hear the talking heads explaining the projections on the teewee, though one of my friends explained to me that they were. Nothing about projections on the map, just states getting colored in at less than 50%.


  • Kelly Wood

    I have to agree with Farmgirl, my wife and I kept trying to figure out how you call a state one way with only 1% in, and the other person currently leading. I could have sworn they called one with only .5% in.

    But, I’m not a statistician, and I didn’t even sleep at the holiday inn last night.

  • Scott Kenny

    Is it divisive to say that I’m tired of having candidates that I’m voting against?

    I would really like to have some that I want to vote FOR!

    But I am also really, really tired unto death of the political games…

  • bobball

    Agreed AD. Scott Kenny , I did have the pleasure of voting _for_ someone. Unfortunately, he lost- as do nearly all third party candidates in national elections of any type (particularly for president).

    Of course, cynic…I mean realist that I am…I agree, the world will continue to spin. Some of us will have better lives going forward, some perhaps worse, some will maintain the status quo…and those results would happen regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.

    For my part, I was a pretty informed voter on the national stage, but perhaps I’ll strive to be a little less so next time and focus more deeply on the city council and school board races (where things will happen to me more directly and immediately based on the outcome). Heck, I don’t even know what a “Soil and Water Conservation District” representative does…do they make sure dogs aren’t digging up the yards and no one takes too long at the drinking fountain?

    Anyhow…congratulations Mr. President. I think we all hope that you and our other elected officials can work together to improve this great nation.

  • LittleRed1

    I’m not overwhelmed with joy, probably wouldn’t be unless one senator in particular announced their resignation/retirement or had been defeated. But I am going to enjoy the few days free from political ads and poll results.

  • Tammy Henderson Katt