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Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Heading out this morning to give a few talks at the Virginia EMS Symposium in Norfolk this weekend. If you're attending the conference, look me up. I also hope to go get a few pics of Big E before her decommissioning, if I have the time.

Having never been on a naval base, I don't know if it will even be possible to get any pics, but I sure would like to get a glimpse of naval history before they reduce her to scrap metal and the skeleton for a coral reef somewhere.

I fly back from Norfolk Saturday afternoon, whereupon I will dump my suitcase, repack it, and load my guns and gear into the truck for the drive to the Texas EMS Conference and Epic Hog Hunt 2012.

Posting may be sporadic until I get back on the 18th, but you can look for Twitter and Facebook updates in the interim, and hopefully I'll bag some swine this time!

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  • .45ACP+P

    Been awhile since I was down there but if memory serves, it is generally disapproved to take pictures on the base. It might be possible to get permission but may be not worth the trouble. There has always been a harbor tour boat that would be a place from which you should be able to get the sort of pix you want.

    • Traumashearsandtriage

      I know we got yelled at for trying to take pictures of the old.C-130s the national guard had during Ike but were perfectly fine to take pictures of the F-22s flying overhead from inches off the base…makes no sense but such is the military…