A Ringing Endorsement

When I speak at EMS conferences, I rarely have time to attend any lectures myself.

When I do, it’s almost always a speaker I know personally. On the odd occasion I’ll attend a lecture from someone I don’t know, it’s always on a subject that really captures my interest.

And luckily, most of the speakers I know and respect have a broad enough repertoire that I can find one of them lecturing on that subject.

When I do attend those lectures, one of the things ever-present in my mind is gauging the talents of a good speaker, and plagiarizing shamelessly mimicking adopting what he/she does well with an eye to improving my own skills.

And there’s a lot to steal mimic plagiarize adopt when you attend a Rommie Duckworth lecture.

After watching him, though, I realize he needs a new mascot. I mean, the duck in the fireman’s helmet is cool and a nice play on his name, but it doesn’t really fit his speaking style.

No, his new mascot shall be this guy:


We shall call him Hammy, and we shall keep him away from caffeine and stimulants at all costs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Magee/784314368 Nancy Magee

    Rom is awesome. Just see him later in the day or everyone else will seem like a human quaalude. Except for that Kelly Grayson guy of course:)

  • http://www.romduckworth.com/ Rommie Duckworth

    HeHe. Thanks KG! Thank you too Nancy! Now, where’d I put that Camelback filled with Jolt Cola that keeps me going?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ObscureReferenceWoman Harriet Engle

    Having seen/heard Rommie in action, I can totally endorse that! I have my Rommie-duck proudly displayed on my shelf. I’ve only heard Kelly on the podcasts, so far, but hope to remedy that lack someday.

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