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Quote Of The Day

From Caleb at Gun Nuts Media.

“Countless studies and real life incidents have proven that the most effective method for dealing with a mass shooter is to shoot them repeatedly in the chest and/or head until they stop shooting at people. A sucking chest wound is nature’s way of telling bad people to rethink their life choices.”


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  • Kimberly Denise Williams

    I wish you had a “love” button for this one. I also think that there is nothing like the sound of a shotgun racking in the middle of the night to remind someone that my door is locked for their safety, not mine.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Must… resist… urge… for… inappropriate comment… about… love buttons…

      • Kimberly Denise Williams

        Oh…how I wish I had been more in medic mode and not mommy mode when I typed that. Your restraint is far stronger than my other friend’s!

        • mpatk

          As a well-known personality tends to say:

          Oh Myyy!

  • Juan_Der_Meant

    Most of the mass killers aren’t making “choices” in any meaningful sense of the word. They’re more typically hearing voices, which was the case with both Batman theater and the Tuscon killer. I would not be at all surprised to learn that the Connecticut killer was also responding to hallucinatory commands. Rather than demonizing the perps or endlessly debating gun laws and the effects of video games, our dollars would be best spent on early mental health interventions on the key demographic: adolescent and 20-something males.

    That said I would support ANY legislative measures to a) upgrade background checks, b) close the gun show loophole, and c) ban as many high-powered weapons as possible. A and B are hopefully doable. I won’t hold my breath on C.

    PS I’m one of the people who tunes in for the medical posts on this blog and ignores the gun discussions (I have never shot or owned a gun and never will), but there’s some important healthcare overlap on this issue.

    • Ambulance Driver

      Lots of overlap on the two issues, and no easy and effective answers, but lots of easy and ineffective ones.

  • John Dale

    Not sure you have not missed the point.

    You could be right about somebody who is in a mass crowd situation with a gun or guns, but surely in the best interests of preventative medicine, the whole focus should surely be on stopping anyone getting into that situation in the first place. Mental Health cra eand startegies need to be re-visited as well as the gun culture. How can a so called civilised community condon people owning their personal weapons of mass execution, not just in one’s and two’ but half a dozens aetc. Something is sick in America and it needs treatment.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Haven’t missed the point at all. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.
      Your suggestion is the best way to prevent the bad guy with the gun.
      Both are needed, and even then we will never stop them all.