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For You EMS Types…

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  • John Broyles

    noteworthy: The premier of 1-Union-801: The Webcast

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Oh my God, how could I have missed that?

  • Suzi Bernert

    Well, December 31 is my last day working for EMS – retiring after 34 years…~crickets chirping~…oh well, never mind!

    • Judi Costa

      Thank you for your service to your community and good luck to you in your retirement Suzi!!! I spent 5 years as a volunteer EMT and then was the first in my squad to become a paramedic. I then worked for our paid county system for almost 21 years, retiring as the Senior Battalion Chief on September 1, 2010. At first I felt like I was playing hooky, but I had started cycling before my retirement, and now it’s what I do, besides take care of all our farm animals – horses, ducks, geese, and chickens! I’ve ridden the EMS Memorial Bike Ride for the last 2 years and being a Muddy Angel is my way of giving back to those who didn’t make it out alive like I did.

      I hope you enjoy life in your retirement, and before long you will be saying what every retired person says, “I’m so busy now, I wouldn’t have time to work!” Again thank you for service and good luck in the future!

      • Suzi Bernert

        Thank you for your kind words. I, too, started out as a volunteer in WV, We moved to KY and I got a job as an EMT. After 24 years, and getting 3 kids raised, I became a paramedic. Even after back surgery, I stayed on in Education. I have other interests and 5 grandkids to visit, but I am having separation anxiety.

        I plan on going to the EMS Memorial Service next year, I have been to Roanoke once. Also have 2 grandkids in CO. Maybe whe can meet there!

        Again thank you and thank you for your service!