Idle Late-Night Observation From The Bolance

If you throw down with another patron at a diner where no less than four ON DUTY cops are eating less than ten feet away…

… you are a special kind of stupid.

Not just ordinary, garden-variety dumbass, mind you.

You are an epic, industrial-strength, weapons-grade, illegal in 17 states, how did you ever fucking survive beyond childhood, Velcro shoes and a drool bib, imbecilic asshat.

But I’m sure that, deep down inside, you’re still a nice person.

  • Old_NFO

    Almost, just ‘almost’ as bad as the idjit that starts crap WITH the one undercover sitting at a table full of cops… :-D

  • mr618

    I am SO stealing your next-to-last paragraph! Describes some of our frequent fliers perfectly!

  • Too Old To Work

    Moronica for Morons!

  • perlhaqr

    And I’m sure those cops are just going to be all kinds of happy that you’ve interrupted their dinner, too.

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