Public Service Announcement: Domestic Violence Edition

Ladies, there’s a surefire way to keep your abusive boyfriend from beating you up a second time.

And that way is, shoot the sonofabitch the first time.

Grip, front sight, trigger squeeze. Repeat until slide lock.

Consider that a helpful relationship tip from your friendly neighborhood Ambulance Driver.

  • Spider Elliott

    I’ve always said there are “males” who give the rest of us male chauvinist pigs a bad name.

    I agree with you completely, but I’m concerned of your timing, i.e., why you posted this message tonight.

    Whoever the victim may be, I hope she is doing okay.

  • landlockedtxn


  • Yogi Beaty

    Somewhere, in an Alternate Universe:
    “Dudes! Stop that bitch from calling the cops one more time! Take that .45 and shove it in her kids mouth! That’ll stop her for sure!”

    Beyond the obvious issue that if he’s beating her, he knows where the guns are….

    • Scott Kenny

      Only if she doesn’t keep one as a ‘purse weight’. A loaded glock or CZ makes a wonderful bluntforce ‘clue-by-four’, that will only go “bang” when you pull the trigger.

  • Old_NFO

    Um… trigger press… :-) But yeah, that works! Sadly, lots of women go right back into those situations…

  • firefighter zero

    One thought, depending on the efficacy of the first round of treatment, aother reload and round of treatment may be called for. Repeat treatment as needed.

    • minidoc

      Noted. I always carry a spare mag, just in case.

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