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Overheard On The Bolance

Driving a stable BLS patient with an injection site reaction to the ED just now:

***sounds of defibrillator charging***

AD: “Um, anything going on back there that I should know about?”

EMT Partner: “Nope, nothing to see here. Move along.”

AD: “Wrong button, huh?”

EP: “Just a little prophylactic defibrillation. Nothing to be concerned about.”

AD: “You know, it’s not really nice to scare your partner like that.”

EP: “I like to keep my options open. That’s how this EMT rolls, baby.”

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  • Matt G

    You can hear that, while driving?!? Some of us have less tinitis than that the rest of us. . .

  • Old_NFO

    Oh… NOT a good sound to hear… And yeah, how the hell did you hear it???

  • Donna Plumley Brubach

    OMG I so want to work with you guys!

  • Scott Kenny

    Considering that even this non-medic knows the sound of ‘Edison’s Medicine box’ warming up, I would *not* be happy about hearing that if I was lying on the bed in the back!

  • mr618

    I’ll have to remember this for the next time the boss drives with me in the back.
    Thanks, AD!

  • Christine Dumaine Springfield

    DAMN! Wish my partner did not read your blog! I would have SO much fun with this!