Overheard On The Bolance

Earlier this evening in the way to work:

AD: “Hey, Soop. I’m gonna be about 20 minutes late for my shift. Got tied up taking my kid to the optometrist.”

Supervisor: “That’s what, three tardies for you this year? You’re fired.”

AD: “You wish. I haven’t been tardy in over three years.”

Supervisor: “Okay, thanks for the heads up. I’ll tell the day crew. Of course, you know we’ll have a written warning for you to sign next shift.”

AD: “Yeah, I know the drill.”

*flash forward one hour*

AD: “Hey Soop, I’m at the station at 6:52. No disciplinary action needed.”

Supervisor: “Strong work, son! It would have been a shame to fire you.”

AD: “I ran four little old ladies off the road getting here, so not only did I arrive on time, I substantially contributed to keeping our run volume high, thereby helping to assure The Borg’s continued profitability.”

Supervisor: “Like I said, strong work.”

AD: “Attaboys don’t pay the rent, sucka. Where my raise, beeyotch?”