For You EMS Types…

… Top Ten Inappropriate Quotes To Use On The Job.



  • MassachusettsEMTB

    Looking back to 1995, it probably wasn’t prudent to radio our unit back in-service after a full “NH dump day” shift of nothing but inter-facility transfers as “Medicare taxi” instead of “A3″… Thankfully my boss was too busy laughing to write me up for it but I did get a (deserved) scolding; we didn’t have a patient onboard but The Everyman out there with their trusty scanners probably heard it…

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Once upon a time, instead of radioing, “Unit A3 is out at quarters,” I said, “Batman and Robin are out at Wayne Manor.”

      There was a long pause, and then the service owner, my boss, radioed, “Commissioner Gordon to Batman…”

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