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Tin Can Assassin*

The child had grown a bit disenchanted with shooting the past couple years. Between her attempts to compensate for her weak eye and the lucky fin, it was difficult to hit the target without a lot of help.

And she’s smart enough to know when Daddy is doing most of the work, and proud enough to be insulted by it.

Solution: shooting sticks, reactive targets, and a holographic sight.


She had a lot of difficulty finding the proper eye relief with her scope, and as a result the poor child’s sight picture was pitch black most of the time.

So I replaced the scope with a cheap holographic sight, and bought her a shooting stick that will allow her to shoot essentially one-handed.

Huge improvement.

Her form still needs a lot of work, and the phrase “consistent cheek weld” is still a distant fantasy, and she takes a while to line up her shot…

… but when the child pulls the trigger, she hits the target. Kid has a sniper’s sensibility: one shot, one kill. Old NFO would be proud.


As you can see, it was a good day.

*Why yes, that is a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy holding an AR15. Because that’s just how we roll down here in Bitter Clingerville.

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  • Skip McManus

    She sure has grown up fast since I last saw a pic of her!

  • Erin Palette

    OK, I just started reading this blog, so “lucky fin” has me a bit baffled. I assume (from the pictures) that the CP has turned her left hand — pardon the technical term — a bit wonky?

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Her left arm and hand have minimal function. She can extend her arm about 3/4 of the way and open/close her hand if she concentrates REALLY hard, but she has no strength in it, and no fine motor skills to speak of. Her left leg is affected, too, requiring her to wear a foot brace. She walks without assistance, but she has a limp.
      And since Finding Nemo was a favorite movie when she was a baby, we call her left arm her “lucky fin.”

      • Erin Palette

        Thanks for clearing that up! :D You tell her that I’m proud of her!

  • JS

    AD, how old was she when you started teaching her to shoot, and what’d you start with? I have a couple years with my boys yet but I can’t for the life of me remember when my dad first handed me a BB gun and a pile of cans.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      She never had a BB gun. Her physical issues are such that it was impossible for her to shoot by herself, so when she was six I started her with a Cricket .22 single shot bolt action.

  • Old_NFO

    I’ll take Katie on my side ANY day!

  • Murph

    Tenacity — that child’s obviously got it. She’s also cute as a bug with that AR15. And y’all get eleventy-million bonus points for making the gun-grabbers cry. Trifecta. Good job, Dad.

  • Wing and a Whim

    Man, she’s growin’ like a weed! But way cuter, especially with that grin – looks like you both had a great time!

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  • Snap

    Can I get a hell yeah?!

  • Patrick Lawrence

    Keep practicing girl, your doing good, but we want to see you doing awesome!

  • ginger porter

    You go Girl!!! That is awesome!!!

  • Lynda M O

    trying to generate some feelings for those kittens…

    nah-too proud of the kid !~!

  • Scott Kenny

    Bad day to be a tin can! Looks like she’s doing just fine now. (color me jealous that she’s getting range time and I’m too broke to pay attention, let alone pay for ammo!)

  • Mack C

    This is one of those things that just makes you proud to be a fellow firearms enthusiast.

  • Jay G.

    This post is obviously a fake. According to Vice President Biden, AR-15s are too complicated for women, let alone girls. Obviously she used a double barrel shotgun and then the AR was ‘shopped in later…

    Great shootin’ KatyBeth. Maybe you can give me some pointers…

  • Woopedpup

    Dear Diane Feinstein and all you other gun grabbers: THIS is why people enjoy guns. Even though her gun has an evil pistol grip and is evil black, no amount of legislation can do what that smile on her face does. That is the smile of freedom and the right to enjoy firearms. (P.S. – not one human died in the making of this tin can fun day!).

  • Kimberly Denise Williams

    Tell that girlie that she can come shoot with me any day of the week, and I have plenty of AR’s for her to choose from. Oh, and “Bitter Clingerville” is now in my permanent lexicon of phrases that I love. Kudos on that one!

  • julie

    You go girl!!!!

  • Donna

    i may be a bleeding heart lib but I live with three dudes clinging to those guns. My son is autistic but is a hell of a shot and lives for going to the range with dad. I’m as proud of him, as you are of your lovely daughter. I have to say that after reading your explanation of her lucky fin that she is amazing! She’s shooting one handed, whoa!

  • perlhaqr