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Hey, Joe Biden?

Here’s a couple of 10-year-old girls with one of those scary AR15 rifles that are too complex for women to operate:


For a weapon too complex for women to operate, they were certainly having fun perforating Coke* cans with it, and doing so safely.

I’d have given them a double-barreled shotgun to learn with, but it kicks too much for the one with cerebral palsy, and the one with ADHD just thought the AR15 was way cooler.

*Actually, it was a 12-pack of Dr. Thunder, but in the South everything’s a Coke.

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  • mpatk

    WTF is “Dr. Thunder”??? Is that generic Dr. Pepper for gun nuts? :-)

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Wal Mart version of Dr. Pepper. Tastes pretty close.

  • Mack C

    Hey, Dr. Thunder is awesome. Great pic, AD. It boggles me how this adminstration thinks women will do fine with an M-4A1 in a combat MOS, but can’t handle an AR-15 at home.

  • Old_NFO

    You ‘know’ they are going to come after you… Lemme know when we need to post bail…

  • Barron Barnett

    As I said recently over at my blog. Your daughter rocks.

  • Dirk

    That’s a terrible picture!!! You can hardly see the gun at all!

  • Mel Maguire

    That is freaking adorable.

    To Joe Biden, I say this: if you think women can’t handle an AR-15, come to the range with me someday. I’ll teach you how to handle it properly ya big wuss.