Overheard At The NRA Annual Meeting

Vendor: “The Blastomatic 3000 is the ultimate solution to your tactical needs. It is ideally suited to take down a knife-wielding mugger at bad breath distance or a Hadji at 1000 yards. It slices, it dices, and it’s made from 100% distilled hippie tears.

Ambulance Driver: “What’s the chance of me getting one for T&A for a month or so?”

Vendor: “…”

TOTWTYTR (apologetically): “He means ‘T&E’. You’ll have to forgive him, we don’t take him out in public very often.”

AD: “Why do people act so offended when I mention tonsils and adenoids?”

  • http://jigsawsthoughts.blogspot.com/ julied

    ROFL …

  • Shane W

    LMAO!! That’s hilarious

  • Old_NFO

    And THAT is one of the ‘cleaner’ comments… :-D

  • mpatk

    Umm, did you want the Blastomatic to get the T&A, or were you offering a month’s worth of T&A for the Blastomatic? LOL

  • Too Old To Work

    The look of confusion on the vendors face was priceless.

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