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For You Disciples of Spinal Immobilization…

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  • G Jeff


  • mpatk

    Both very useful articles. I agree that the ROUTINE use of spinal immobilization should be eliminated. I also think that the hard spinal boards that are most common should be eliminated; Dr. Bledsoe pointed out that vacuum matresses/splints were not nearly as painful as rigid backboards.

    The word is getting out that routine immobilization on rigid boards is bad. Now we need to study (1) alternatives to rigid boards, and (2) whether spinal restriction is useful in patients that meet NEXUS criteria for immobilization.

  • Peter

    The rigid longboard is a good spatula and extrcation tool, but it’s a lousy immobilization tool. The vac mat is vastly more comfortable and feels much more secure to the patient — they’re in it, not on it.

  • aer0usa

    Hi AD. I get it, but what about if it’s still our protocol to longboard
    patients who have been in a traffic accident, or indeed almost anyone
    who complains of back pain? My Medical Director gets it too, but the
    protocol hasn’t changed. It’s not MY altar you’re taking a dump on, but
    I’m a Basic and I gotta follow the rules, right? Seems to me it’s up to
    the Medical Director and his peers to change the protocols. Thx!

    • Ambulance_Driver

      You have to follow your protocols. No one is suggesting you do something that will get you fired. That said, there is no requirement that you do so without questioning their validity.
      My question is, if your medical director gets it, why hasn’t he changed the protocols?

      • aer0usa

        Thanks for the quick reply! Good question. Our MD is supportive of what’s best for the patient, but the protocols haven’t changed. Hmmm. We have long transports (1.5hr) so I’d like to see a change, too.

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