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Lock Up Your Damned Guns, People!

I spend most of my time with one foot firmly planted in the gun culture and the other in EMS.

Those two worlds are not supposed to collide.

I run my share of shootings, but those don’t involve the gun culture. They’re the thug culture, and there is a difference.

I’m not telling you every gun should be in a safe or have a trigger lock installed. Such things render a defensive weapon useless.

But if it’s your defensive handgun, its place is on your damned hip or out of the reach of toddlers.

It is not supposed to be on the fucking coffee table, unsecured.

No one died… this time. But a toddler is in the hospital right now, and a family still has the emotional and legal fallout to come.

Lock up your damned guns, people!

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  • PARAMEDIC70002

    Absolutely. Not in the couch. Not on the counter. Not under the mattress. Not on the closet shelf. Not in a purse on the floor. Not under the socks.

  • julied


  • mr618

    This kind of thing is why people press for gun control… the 2-3% who can’t handle the responsibility, just like the 2-3% of minorities who give the rest a bad name, or the 99% of lawyers (excluding Chief Varone).