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Now That’s A Partner!

Chatting on the phone with my sweetheart last night, about fifteen minutes into the call, I absentmindedly picked up a folded piece of paper on the ambulance dashboard.

It was one of our old refusal of care forms, with a patient’s demographic information jotted on it. On the other side, printed in 3-inch block letters, were the words, “SAVE ME.”

Bemused, I showed it to my partner…

… who promptly nodded in understanding, and barked in a stentorian, credible simile of our dispatch data terminal, “INCIDENT ASSIGNED!” followed by, “Hey Kelly, we have a call! CCT 526 to headquarters, we’re on it…”

I ROFL’ed.

Not quite what I had in mind, but it’s good to know she’s got my back.

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  • Jack

    Can’t buy that kind of loyalty and initiative!

  • Guest

    WOW that’s impressive

  • totwtytr

    I could probably write a post about partners and their love interests. I had one partner who was dating two nurses at two different hospitals. When one was mad at him, we had to find an excuse to take patients to the other one. And vice versa. If we had to go to the hospital where the mad at him nurse was working triage, I’d have to give report because they couldn’t even be civil to each other.

    He finally married a lovely woman who was a legal secretary. Then she became an EMT. Then she became a nurse. At least by then he had an administrative job so he didn’t go to hospitals that often.

    Then I had a partner who was dating an EMT. AFTER he fell in love with her and was considering proposing he realized that she was nucking futs and he broke it off. That was lovely because she worked the same shift and if we did a call with her unit I had to do all the talking to the EMTs because she had some sort of no contact order on him. Management finally put her on another shift and then mercifully she quit and moved back to her home states.

    I also had a partner who would meet up with his girlfriend, also on the job, for, well whatever they did. I’d sit in the truck while he went up to her apartment. At least he’d listen to the radio and come back out so we could go on the call.

    Then there was the couple that worked together all the time. I seriously considered having a friend make a bumper sticker that said “If the ambulance is rocking, don’t come a knockin”.

    Some times I thought I worked for Peyton Place EMS.

    Yeah, I did write blog post, but I’m too lazy to bring it back over to my blog and post it.