KTKC Standings: Week Three

Okay guys, we've a little more than a week left to go in Kilted to Kick Cancer 2013, and we're still way below our fundraising goal. There are quite a few Kilted fundraisers out there offering their own set of enticements for you to donate to their campaign, so check one of them out and donate to a good cause!

Standings as of 2300 CST on Saturday, September 21 are:

  1. Jay G.                                               $1735
  2. Jim Curtis                                       $1020
  3. Jeff Brosius                                    $858
  4. Angus McThag                               $750
  5. Kelly Grayson (ineligible)             $600
  6. Joseph Miller                                  $415
  7. Michael Hast                                   $295
  8. Fred Simons                                   $290
  9. Scott Coykendall                            $245
  10. Stingray                                            $170
  11. Matthew Smith                                $85
  12. Justin Schorr                                   $50
  13. Mark Anderson                                $25
  14. Graeme Goodwin                           $20
  15. Barron Barnett                                 $5
  16. John Broyles                                    $5
  17. Tim Brown                                        $5

Total: $6573

It looks like we have quite a horse race shaping up for one of the four fundraising prize packages, so if you want to be one or want to help the blogger you support win, it's time to step on the gas! We're not going to make our $50,000 goal, but let's get $10,000 before September 30!

On that note, if you have donated to my campaign and want in one of the raffles for 1 of 4 of my books or 1 of 3 Brownell's $200 gift cards, send me your donation verification email now!

As it stands now, so few people have forwarded me their email, I'm going to be dividing up these prizes between about three people. $10 gets you a chance for an autographed book, and $20 gets you a chance on a Brownell's gift card, so send me those emails!

Get Kilted, and get checked!