Overheard On The Bolance

Waiting for a bed at a local Emergency Department:

Drunk Violent Guy: "Hey. Hey, man! Why you tied me down, man? I ain't done nothing to you!"

AD: "Not so. You swung at me, and grabbed my partner hard enough to leave bruises."

DVG: "Thass a fuckin' lie. I ain't grabbed nobody!"

AD: "Blackouts and memory loss are a strong clue you have a drinking problem, sir."

DVG: "I ain't no fuckin' akkaholic!"

AD: "So is denial, sir."

DVG: "I'm a nice guy, man. I'm just drunk. You can let me up, I'll be good."

AD: "Alcohol is a personality enhancer, sir. When I drink, I just get louder and friendlier."

Lesbian Partner: "Whereas you, on the other hand…"

DVG: "Yer a fuckin' asshole."

Lesbian Partner: "Actually, he goes by 'Dickhead'."

AD: "Mr. Dickhead to you."

DVG: "I love you guys. Yer fuckin' awesome."

Drunks, gotta love 'em.