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For You EMS Types

There’s a new episode of Inside EMS, brought to you by the incredibly sexy minds of Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson.

This week we talk about the latest EMS news, the coming demise of routine spinal immobilization, and Kelly interviews Chris on leadership styles.

Give us a listen, and Bill Gates will give you a nickel for every new listener we get.







* No, not really.

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  • Dave Konig

    Are you guys going to make this available through iTunes?

  • Dan Grillo

    Paramedic in NH, and I can tell you that we just adopted a new protocol that completely eliminates backboards and KED’s for spinal immobilization. We are now doing spinal motion restriction, which is simply a c-collar and supine placement on stretcher. Pretty cool but its tough to teach old dogs new tricks we are finding. If you get a chance search NH EMS and look at protocol. I love it.