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Shooter Self Care Class: After Action Report

They came, they saw, they puked.*

They chanted my name, and everyone held their lighters aloft and swayed rhythmically.


Oh yeah, and hopefully they learned some useful first aid for gunshot wounds and minor trauma. Had a full class of 32 people, including some of my favorite gun bloggers. Turns out four hours is just about right for such a class. We have a longer one tailored for Range Safety Officers which we hope to bring on the road one day.

Many thanks to all who attended, and to Craig Gray from Bound Tree Medical, Larry Weeks from Brownell’s, and Jon Kavanagh from Franciscan St. Francis Health System for their assistance and support.

If you’re interested in a Shooter Self Care course or BLS for Range Safety Officers course at your local club or range, give us a shout!




* Well, almost, and only one person.

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  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Don’t be shy.. tell us who upchucked.

  • InJennifersHead

    Nice! Wish we were there

  • DaddyBear

    Thanks for putting it on AD! Girlie Bear and I learned a lot! Many thanks to you all for putting it together and for the sponsors!

  • BryanP1968

    I’d buy a DVD or video download of the class in a heartbeat.

  • Chasing Freedom

    Thanks for the class AD; I learned a lot!

  • Midwest Chick

    Panties. You forgot to mention that everyone also threw their panties, even the guys. Except those in kilts, for obvious reasons.

    It was a great class! Thanks again for bringing it together. If you decide to do the longer version, let me know.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    +1 on the “I’d buy the DVD”

  • DiverMedic

    Who’s “we”?

    (just wondering if I need to keep some time available :)

    • Kelly Grayson

      “We” would be you, me, EMS Artifact, and whatever other shooters/medics you and I can vet.

      I pimped your BLS for RSOs course pretty hard, too.

      • DiverMedic

        Sweet. Good thing I’m self-employed now and can spend a lot of time tweaking things and getting some documentation written up.

  • Kerry

    Great class, thanks for your time; putting it together, getting the supplies and teaching. I had a great time and learned a lot.


  • Old_NFO

    It was a good one… Thanks for the update Kelly!

  • eiaftinfo

    Kelly – great to meet you! And thanks for your time, effort and generosity in putting on this class – all of you did a great job. Should the need ever arise, at least those of us who came to the class will have a fighting chance to hold things together until help arrives – Thanks Again.

  • keads

    Thank you for your time and expertise!

  • NotClauswitz

    I think we need one of these classes at the Gunbloger Rendezvous…

    • Ambulance driver

      Dude, I would LOVE to come to GBR, but it’s short notice and I already have conflicting engagements.
      Next year for sure.