A Bleg For a Good Cause

Folks, normally on this blog I only shill for charities. Well, mostly just one charity in particular, but you get the point.

But of all the folks who donated so generously to that charity, the gun nut community gave the most by far. I’m asking you to help out a couple of members of our community, namely Sabra and Erik Onstott.

They’re pregnant, but this is not the usual good news. The baby has a major birth defect, one that will not let it survive beyond birth. On top of that, their landlady has decided to capitalize on the rising rental market in San Antonio by terminating their lease so that she can remodel the place and double the rent. They have until June 30 to get out, and the landlady has been pressuring them to get out earlier, even to the point of suggesting they move into a homeless shelter immediately.

You can file that under, “Sleazy, but legal.”

While I’d love to name this chick publicly and do my best to assure that her fancy new renovated rental property stays barren and unoccupied until the end of time, that doesn’t much help my friends.

Sabra, Erik and their kids have to be in a new home in a little over two weeks, and on top of that, they’re planning a funeral for their baby.

Some friends have set up a donation site to help them get through this struggle.

Read more about it, and donate what you can, please.


Thank you.