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“We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here.”

Not the sort of thing you expect to hear when you’re white.

Of course, hearing it when you’re black, or brown, or gay, or whatever the heck you are, isn’t something we should tolerate, either. Discrimination and bigotry is ugly in any form.

But The Ex Missus and Husband-In-Law heard it a couple of weeks ago, from the desk clerk at the Budget Inn at 4840 Spencer Freeway in Pasadena, TX.

Now, what was his offense, do you ask? Did he smoke in the room? Cook Spam on a hot plate? Deal meth in the parking lot? Sneak a Bengal tiger with diarrhea into the room in his luggage?

Nope, none of that. He never even got the chance to be annoying. His offense was a palm-sized tattoo of a Confederate flag on his left deltoid. For that, the desk clerk locked the lobby door in his face, and told him there were no rooms available. When asked what she meant by locking the door, her reply was, “We don’t rent to your kind.”

Now, I’ll grant you that Husband In Law is big enough to intimidate some people, and some folks are offended by rebel tattoos. But you know, it’s entirely possible that a guy can show pride in his Southern heritage with a rebel flag tattoo and not be a bigoted, mouth-breathing, violent and ignorant homophobe. In fact, the former explanation is more likely.

Husband In Law is certainly none of those things. (Okay, we’ll give him a pass on the mouth-breathing. He’s an Aggies fan, after all.) He’s a decent guy, a commissioned deputy and a corrections officer. He ain’t a racist. He’s a diehard fisherman, which I’ll never understand, but the only reason I’d lock him out of my home is if he reeked of fish or chum.

I’m a guy with libertarian sensibilities. I think it should be illegal for government to discriminate based upon religion, creed, color, national origin, etc. I think private business owners should be able to discriminate against whoever they want. It’s not a crime to be an ignorant, narrow-minded asshole.

But I think those people who would discriminate should not be shielded from the negative consequences of their discriminatory business practices. In fact, they ought to be punished in the only way that matters to them: in the wallet.

I had an encounter a few years back with a motorcycle dealership that disrespected any customer that didn’t buy their machine directly from them. When called on it, the business owner doubled down on stupid, cursing me out on my blog, and bragging that he had two service rates: one for most customers, and a much higher one for “assholes like me.”

Aside from his poor spelling and grammar skills, the dealership owner was also too stupid to understand that his IP address could be traced.

My readers helped put his ass out of business.

I’m thinking the owner of the Budget Inn at 4840 Spencer Freeway in Pasadena, TX needs to feel the repercussions of the hotel clerk’s behavior. Or heck, it might have been a family member of the owner manning the desk that night. Doesn’t matter. They need to hear, “We don’t do business with your kind.”

So don’t give your business to this particular hotel should you ever pass through Pasadena. And while you’re at it, drop an email to Budget Inn’s corporate headquarters to tell them why.

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  • BH

    I don’t question his judgement for being a fisherman, but I have to wonder how much thought went into the tat.

    Imagine what would happen if his prisoners saw it? He sounds like he’s big enough that direct attack might not be foremost in their minds, but they can sure make his life difficult. To say nothing of the general public these days. It used to be at least tolerated, at least by white people. Not so much anymore. Ask John McCain.

    • Ambulance driver

      Like lots of tattoos, I’m sure it seemed like a much better idea at the time than it did years later.

      • Husband-in-Law

        It is just as good an idea now as it was the day I got it. I still love the tat even though its not finished. It stands for my southern heritage not the backwoods racist views of the narrow minded wanna be white supreminicist who believe everyone who is not 100% anglo-saxon needs to die. Now not that it is anyone business but I feel I need to defend myself here. My younger sister is mixed, I got the tat after she was born already having cared for her and love her to this day. My motto concerning this particular tat is heritage NOT HATE. It can go right along with the tat on my right tricep AG2G anyone care to guess? I’ll cut you a break. All Glory 2 God. It’s 2014 have we not gotten to the point as a society that we judge a person by their actions and not their apperance?

        • John Hardin

          It’s 2014 have we not gotten to the point as a society that we judge a person by their actions and not their apperance?

          Are you kidding?

          And it seems that “progressive” liberals are pissing on Dr. King’s dream harder than just about anyone else.

          • Yogi Beaty

            Actually, we’re just catching up…

          • John Hardin

            And it seems that the liberals are pissing on Dr. King’s dream harder than just about anyone else.

            Actually, we’re just catching up…

            Which is better how? Perhaps I should have added to that: “… while wrapping themselves in smug superiority that they are the champions of that dream.”

            What a lot of people (apparently many of those liberals I complain about above) lose sight of is the dream of being judged by the content of your character (and by your actions) rather than the color of your skin means that while you shouldn’t get abused simply because of the color of your skin, you also shouldn’t get a pass for poor character or behavior simply because of the color of your skin.

          • Yogi Beaty

            Well, first, you know, sarcasm? Then second, it’s a bit much to hear people (not particularly you, but folks in general) who have been doing not much besides attacking the principles they claim to hold, now complaining about us.

          • John Hardin

            Well, first, you know, sarcasm?

            Ah, ok. Sorry. A sarcasm font is badly needed, though there is some recognition of <sarc></sarc>, at least among those familiar with HTML markup.

            it’s a bit much to hear people … who have been doing not much besides attacking the principles they claim to hold, now complaining about us.

            I’m not quite sure I follow you here. Is this a reference to (for instance) those who are defending the baker who didn’t want to make a cake for a same-sex wedding?

          • Yogi Beaty

            Agree about the need for a sarcasm tag, and in general I am more careful. Sorry about that, chief.

            Actually, no. Most of the people I hang out with (a very liberal bunch, including some anti-gun nuts), actually supported the bakery, but not the public “I ain’t making a cake for them people” that went with it. I was kind of pointing at Beck, Rush, Coulter and company, and their syncopants, as well as the many who are totally ok (for a hyperbolic example) letting the homeless starve, so long as they don’t have to pony up any money.

            For me, I own and use and understand guns, have read extensively into the history of the 2nd A, and think that anyone who carries a long gun in public absent a distinct and clearly apparent need is in need of a checkup from the neck up. I would feel the same way about anyone who took a funny car to the grocery store. Your right, but damn you were brought up sideways.

            Anyway, I hope that Malloy gets tossed.

        • EliHobbes

          I think you’re arguing with the same failed logic that the normal banner carriers of the racial argument do. It won’t work. The “your kind” she referred to was not the color of your skin, it was the behavior associated with the symbol tattooed on your arm. There was no racial foul here from what I can tell. Arguing from the tattoo perspective and letting the white component be secondary is the only way to win this debate.

        • BH

          Honestly HIL, you can talk about “heritage not hate” all you want. It’s still not the first thing that most people outside the South think about when they see that particular symbol.

          And no, Texas doesn’t count anymore- it’s being taken over by liberals from California who suddenly discovered they can’t pay for all the taxes they voted for.

          You absolutely have the right to tat up however you see fit for reasons that matter to no one but you. That said, when you wear a symbol that way more than half the country associates with racism, you need to be prepared for the reactions it’s going to get. Wearing a tat is not “your appearance”. Your genetics shaped your appearance. Body mods, especially flag and other symbol tats, express loyalties, affiliations, and opinions. Don’t blame somebody else for not being able to tell that you’re one of the “good guys” who feels so strongly about the flag chosen to represent a bunch of slaveowning shitheads that you got it permanently attached to your body.

          • Ambulance driver


            “Look at the way she was dressed, judge! She was asking to be raped!”

          • John Hardin

            Honest question: would your opinion of the situation and of BH’s comment be the same if HIL’s obvious tattoo was instead a swastika?

            Note that I am not equating the stars and bars with the swastika, or southern pride with nazism, but as symbols they can evoke similar reactions in observers. If you condemn that reaction for one but not for the other, why?

          • Ambulance driver

            If he looked Hindu, I’d probably be a lot less offended than if he were Caucasian and throwing white power salutes.
            But I do see your point.

  • ReaganConservative1

    These clowns need to be shut down

  • Old_NFO


  • totwtytr

    The first mistake was staying at a Budget Inn. After that, all bets are off. I agree with you AD about the libertarian approach. That’s why I support free speech. Sooner or later the bigots will out themselves and then we can make them pay for their views.