Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: The Final Standings

The Kilted to Kick cancer 2014 Fundraising Challenge was a huge success, bringing in $14,448 in only 30 days of fundraising. Final team standings are as follows:

Team                                              Donations                 Totals
Team JayG                                        69                          3435
Team Borepatch                               43                          2353
Team Ambulance Driver              24                          1243
Team USA Karate                            11                           1085
Team Old NFO                                  20                           975
Team HBC Concealment                11                           818
Team McThag                                   13                           775
Undesignated                                    12                           470
Team Brosius                                    14                            555
Team Zach Miller                              2                            548
Team Maltby                                      8                            460
Team Coykendall                              8                            450
Team Soul Crusher                           6                            260
Team Happy Medic                           4                            240
Team Corpus Christi                         3                            120
Team Fir na Dli                                  2                            120
Team BWall                                         6                            105
Team Flynn                                         1                            100
Team Guns & Coffee                          6                             76
Team CHPHC                                      1                             75
Team Jason Gardiner                       2                            70
Team Unwired Medic                       3                             65
Team Indy                                           1                             20
Team Oddball                                     1                             20
Team Live Free or Die                      1                             10         
25                                                           273                        14448

Team JayG nabbed first place, Team BorePatch second, and Team USA Karate third.

Jay has been King of the Fundraising Hill for three years running now, and were it not for a couple of hundred dollars separating he and I in our inaugural year, would have won it all four years.

Jay has already chosen his prize package (Number 3), and being the sort of guy he is, has declared that he only wants one bottle of the Nerd Beer Emergency Medical Bock, and the rest of the case distributed among his friends at Blogorado.

Edited to add: Borepatch chose Package 1, so Team USA Karate gets Package 2.

We had 25 Kilted fundraisers this year. Next year, we want at least 50 – one team in each state.

On behalf of Happy Medic, Motor Cop, myself, and the rest of the Kilted to Kick Cancer BOD, I’d like to thank everyone who raised funds this year, and everyone who donated.

In the coming days, we’ve got a board meeting to discuss disbursement of funds toward male-specific cancer research, and what we’ll do to show our appreciation to our fundraising teams. When those decisions are made, I’ll announce them here.

Just remember that Kilted to Kick Cancer is now a 501(c)3 charity, and our fundraising and advocacy efforts will be a year-round thing from now on, with the annual fundraising challenge to be held every month in September. Our board is unpaid, our overhead is minimal, and the lion’s share of your donated dollars will be going to the cause for which they were intended: male-specific cancer research and awareness.

If you’ve got Kilted pics or #DunkYourJunk videos, we’d love to post ’em on the website. Email them to me at [email protected]

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be giving some linky love to the organizations and sponsors who lent their support to our 2014 fundraising campaign, and we’d love for you to contact them and show your appreciation. Even better, give them your business!

Get Kilted, and get checked!