KTKC 2016: The Winners!

Okay folks, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The final standings of Kilted to Kick Cancer 2016 are:

  • Team Dragon: $4,032
  • Team Larry and the Limey: $1,292
  • Team Soul Crusher: $1,225
  • Team Ambulance Driver: $1,141
  • Team JBro: $520
  • Team Happy Medic: $495
  • Team HBC Concealment: $295
  • Team Jay G: $125
  • Team Squidfoo: $95
  • General KTKC Donation: $85
  • Team Unwired Medic: $80
  • Team Mike the Cop: $76
  • Team Guns and Coffee: $40
  • Team Lexington Fire: $30
  • Team Corpus Christi: $30
  • Team Fir na Dli: $20

So basically, our fundraising challenge winners for 2016 are Team Dragon, Team Larry and the Limey, Team JBro, and Team HBC Concealment. I got the chance to chat with Dennis Badurina of Team Dragon via text last night, and he already chose Prize Package 1. So, Team Larry and the Limey gets their pick of packages 2-4, Team JBro chooses after that, and Team HBC Concealment gets the last prize package.

And thanks to the great folks at Lucky Gunner, Team Dragon gets a $500 ammo gift card, Team Larry and the Limey gets a $200 ammo gift card, and Team JBro and Team HBC Concealment each get a $100 ammo gift card.

Raffle for all our donors ($10 per chance) to win the Dreadnaught Industries custom AR15 will be held this week, and I’ll announce the winner right here!

By the time we tally up outside fundraising events and checks that still haven’t arrived, our total for #KTKC2016 will be over $10,000. That’s very respectable, but still well below last year’s total. Of that  $10k+ we raised, 90% or more will go DIRECTLY to cancer researchers.

That’s something that the KTKC Board of Directors is very proud of, and a tradition we plan to continue. That way, you donors know with certainty that the money you so generously gave is not paying for expensive advertising campaigns and executive salaries, it’s going for exactly what we’re here for: male-specific cancer research.

Planning for #KTKC2017 begins in the next month or so, and our pledge to you for next year is that it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, and we are going to DEMOLISH our previous fundraising records.

Thank all of you for your participation, and remember: Get Kilted, and get checked!


Edited 11:37 pm: Team Larry and the Limey chooses Package 4.

Edited 9:00 am October 11: Team JBro chooses Package 2, which leaves Package 3 for Team HBC Concealment.