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Blogroll O’ Doom

I run a reciprocal blogroll, so if you link me, let me know and I'll add you!

Bloggers I've Met

AE Pilot Jim

Alan, aka Snarkybytes

Ambulance Chaser

Daniel Scott, Among The Leaves

Atomic Nerds


Baby Medic

Bayou Renaissance Man

Bill Nance

Bob of 3 Boxes of BS


Caillean's Ramblings

Caleb Giddings

Calvin's Mom

Christina of Lucrative Pain

Christie Hale of Push to Shock

Coma Toast


Daddy Bear

Dave Konig

Dave Statter





EMT Medical Student


Evel Geraghty

Evyl Robot Michael






Frank W. James

Gay Cynic

Greg Friese


Hybrid Medic

Inspiratory Drive of Cheyne Stokes Inspirations

Iron Fireman

Jay "Minute of Berm" G.

JB On the Rocks



JD The Tekmage

JPG the Expert Witness

John Mitchell

John Richardson

John the Texaner

JR of a Keyboard And a .45

Just Me of Just My Blog

Kathy Jackson

KC of Paramedic Pulp Fiction




Looking Out Over the South Section

Loopy Libertarian

Lyger Lyger

Lucy Hornstein, #1 Dinosaur

Maddog Medic

Mad St. Jack


Matt G.

Matthew the security specialist

Medic Matthew

Medic Trommashere

Mike Sevilla, Dr. Anonymous

Mr. Fixit

Ms. Paramedic

Mule Breath

Mulligan Do Over

NJ Dive Medic

Okie Rhio


Oleg Volk

Parallax Adjustment

Paramedic Tutor

Phil The Medic

Phlegm Fatale

The Probie

Push The Pull Door

Quizzical Pussy

Recovering Grady Medic

Rick Ector

Robert Langham

Rogue Medic


Sam The EMT


Scott Kier

Sebastian and Bitter

Squeaky Wheel

Steve Whitehead

WV Medic Girl


The Bad LT

The Lonely EMT

The Social Medic



Tom Bouthillet

Tony Olivero


Va Phiremedic

Voodoo Medicine Man (defunct)

Weer'd Beard

Wing And a Whim



The Gun Bloggers

3 Boxes of B.S.

A Bullet-Shaped Hole Where the Answers Should Be

A Gator In The Desert

A View From The Mushroom

Armed and Amphibious

Barefoot Clown


Black Sunday Society

Confessions of a Gun Toting Seagull

Corn, Beans, Spent Brass, an Empty Page and a Deadline

Cranky Chicks With Guns

Crucis' Court

Days Of Our Trailers *NEW*

Doin' The Time Warp

Double Tapper

Dragon Watch

Former Action Guy

Found: One Troll

Free Thinker

Grey Bearded Fat Man

Gunblogger Conspiracy

Gun Geek Rants

Hecate's Crossroad

In The Middle of the Right

Jeff the Baptist

Just the Library Keeper

Keep Texas Zombie-Free

Lawyer With a Gun

Legally Armed in Detroit

LeadChucker's Blog

Life As a Loaded Gun

Life, the Universe, and Homework

Looking For Lissa

Mal Fits

Mauser Medic

Murphy Was A Grunt

Moral Flexibility

Near the Salty City

No Lawyers, Only Guns And Money

Nobody Asked Me

Not Firing On All Cylinders

Pappa Delta Bravo

Parallax Adjustment

Pirate With a Permission Slip

Rick O'Shea's Bullet Points

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight

Sandcastle Scrolls

Sarge Says


Shall Not Be Questioned

Snooze Button Ronin

Solo Survivalist

Southeast Texas Pistolero

Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease

Straight Forward in a Crooked World

Tekmage's Blog

10% Bigger

The Cornered Cat *NEW!*

The Browsack Gazette

The Drawn Cutlass

The Gregarious Loner

The Unforgiving Minute

The Unstoppable Madman

Where Sometimes Things Go Bang

Xavier Thoughts

Cop Blogs

A Police Wife

Area Trace, No Search

Observations of an Old Cop

On Patrol

The Johnny Law Chronicles

10-80 Blog

The Tactical Pants Blog

Nursing Blogs

Another Nurse in The Crowd

Blissful Entropy


Compu Nurse

ED Nursasaurus


Guitargirl, RN

Kat's Skratch Pad

Lost On The Floor

LPN With An M16

Miss Elaine-ious, RN

Mursing 101

Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey

Nautical Dawn

Nursing School Insanity

Overactive Imagination


Scared to Health

The Nights of My ER

Tiggers Don't Jump

Uncompromised Airways

Weird Nursing Tales

EMS Blogs


A Day In My World

A Look at EMS From 120 Feet Below

A Paramedic's Plight

Ambulance Addiction

Ambulances, Boomsticks and Coffee

Ambulance Chaser

Ambulance Junkie

Back of the Medic

Bandages and Bullets

Bernice Calls It As She Sees It

Bilateral Thumb Pain

Bless My Heart and Pass The Prozac

Bluegrass Medic

Burned Out Medic

Cabulance Tales

Captain Chair Confessions

Cheyne Stokes Inspirations

Coma Toast

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist

Conscious, Alert and Disoriented x 4

Dani's Anatomy

Dispatches From The Street

Drug Induced Hallucinations


Earning Money Sleeping

EMS In The New Decade

EMS Outside Agitator

EMT Cracker, Student Paramedic

EMT Medical Student

EMT Wannabe


Everyday EMS Tips

Every Little Thing

Granting Sirenity

House of DeFrance

Insomniac Medic

Instant Dreams

JB On The Rocks

Just My Blog

Liberal Artist In The Ambulance

Life of a Transport Monkey

Life, Up Close and Personal

Lone Medic In Little Egypt

Looking Through a Pair of Pink Trauma Shears

Meat in the Seat

Medic 22

Medic Nurse's Blog

Medic Three

Medicblog 999

Mini Medic

Ms. Paramedic's Musings

Musings of a Dad

My EMT Story

My Life In The Firehouse

My Mountaintop Blog

New Life Changes

Ninja Medic and Noodle Dawg

No More Runnin'

Not All Angels Have Wings

Notes From Mosquito Hill


On The Clock

Paramedicine 101

Paramedic Pulp Fiction

Phil The Medic Student

Prehospital 12-Lead ECG

Probie to Practitioner

Prosthetic Medic

Push to Shock

Red Mist

Redheaded Medic

Rescue Monkey

Rescuing Providence

Star of Life Law

The EMS Grind

The EMT Files

The EMT Spot

The Happy Medic

The Insomniac's Guide to Ambulances

The Magic of 3:00 am

The Orange Taxi

The Other Side of EMS

The Rhythm of Life

The Run Sheet

The Social Medic

The Wonderful Adventures of Budd

The World According to Slinky

Trauma Shears and Pocket Guides

Trauma Shears and Triage

Wild EMT

WV Medic Girl

Doctor Blogs

Can't Spell, DVM

Down in The Mouth

Dr. David's Blog

Dr. Wes

Gotta Keep Livin'


Kevin, MD

Life, Not Terribly Ordinary

Scalpel Or Sword?

Second Shift: Stories From the ER and Med School

Shoulda Gone to Law School

Whitecoat's Call Room

William the Coroner's Forensic Files

The Allied Health Staff

Lucrative Pain

Rebuild Your Back

Respiratory Therapy 101

Respiratory Therapy Cave

Rigel's Wheel

The RRT With ADD

Defying Categorization

A Comedienne's Sidekick

A Moral Compass

A Work In Progress

Abilene Rob

Ad Augusta Per Angusta

Ain't Chicken

All I Want Is A Good Night's Sleep

Baboon Pirates

Bad Dogs and Such

Bartender, Another Round!

Becoming Refined

Better Than Real Life

Blessing My Heart

Blunt Object

Bob's Blog

Boobies and Beer

Bundles of Beginnings

Canine Coach's Weblog

Confessions of a Couple of Mothertruckers

Crazy College Student

Daddy Bear's Den

Dazd and Confused

De-Domesticating the Modern Male

Did You Drink Your Charcoal Yet?

Did You Ever Get The Feeling…

Echoes of Grace

Family Under Construction

Firepiper's Take On Life

Fly To Your Dreams


Fresh Air Snipe

Full On Forward!

Gemini Interrupted

Grandma's House

Granny's World

Green Chiles and Roses

Holder of Useless Knowledge

House of Zathras

In Jennifer's Head

In Patti's Place

It's All About The Walls

Janet's Soapbox

Jigsaw's Thoughts

Johnny's Garage

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Leslie's Omnibus

Letter From Hardscrabble Creek

Life and Times of An Average Guy

Life With Preemie Twin Boys

Life's Little Surprises

Mad Rocket Scientist

Misadventures on Heckawe Land


My Garden Spot

My Pinecraft World

My Sky Color

Niner and Associates

Non-Original Rants

One Clippie at a Time

One Page at a Time

One Rough Diamond

Pagan Blacksmith

Pappy and Puppy

Pawsing to Ponder

Poker Wolf

Preachers and Horse Thieves

QT's Random Ramblings

Reason To Be, Maybe

Rose Hill Windhounds

Rumblings and Bumblings

Sarabelle's Randomness


Screw The Rules, I Have Blog

Shubh Space

Simeron Steelhammer

Snig's Spot


Somewhere In the Silence

Straight From The Snark's Mouth

Stubborn Pryde

Surviving The Quarterlife


Tales of an Office Slave

Texas Fellowship Blogtalk Radio

The 3 Point, 2 View

The Bastidge

The Captain

The Cluttered Eclectic Mind

The Eagle's Nest

The Gym Isn't Working

The Internet Ate My Homework

The Life of Anthony

The Lollipop Tree

The Marching Camp

The Parenthood Experiment *new!*

The Pervocracy

The Princess and the Kracken

The Pushy Broad

The Supersonic Reflectoscope

Thoughts From a Diva

Thoughts On My Life

Tis Gar Plen

Toccando il Cielo

Tole's Place

Trailer Park Paradise

View From Under a Rock

Virginia Girl

Walrilla's Wonderings

Wharf Rat

Whatever Comes to Mind

Whine From the Cocoa Nut

Wolf Pangloss

Words Are Magic

Wouter's Blog


Zombie Stew


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  • Medic Matthew

    wooHOO I made the cut! :-p

  • roanokecop

    You are on my blog roll.

  • jigsawsthoughts

    “Defying Categorization” – yep that suits.

    Thanks :)

  • Jennifer

    I was going to feel left out, but then realized I hadn't linked you. Problem fixed :)

  • Wharf Rat

    aww, lil' ol' me got a link :-) can't say i update much, but i appreciate it :-)

  • Solo Survivalist

    Made the cut, and categorized as a Gun Blogger! I think I just made the big time!

  • Jim (firefighter4884)

    hey AD,

    We've actually met, although we didn't get to spend a lot of time talking.

    Met you at EMStock 2008.


    Ambulances, Boomsticks, Coffee

  • Ambulance_Driver

    Damn, that's right, Jim! Sorry about that!

    Ambulance Driver

  • Ambulance_Driver

    Damn, that's right, Jim! Sorry about that!

    Ambulance Driver

  • Jim

    Hey! Thank you for the link, I didn't expect that. I promise to be me, that is all I can do, but if that makes mine a blog worth linking, then I'm ok with that!


  • Jim

    Hey! Thank you for the link, I didn't expect that. I promise to be me, that is all I can do, but if that makes mine a blog worth linking, then I'm ok with that!


  • John

    Got you linked, Sir. Love the site.

  • roanokecop

    Please take down your link to The Roanoke Cop. My department has a new policy and I'm switching everything to a new blog where I'm complying with it. I've got you linked from my new blog, Ten 80


    • Ambulance Driver


  • roanokecop

    Please take down your link to The Roanoke Cop. My department has a new policy and I'm switching everything to a new blog where I'm complying with it. I've got you linked from my new blog, Ten 80


  • Brad

    Hey, I read your book and read your blog often. It inspired me to start my own blog, so I've linked you

  • Brad

    Hey, I read your book and read your blog often. It inspired me to start my own blog, so I've linked you

  • warriorknitter

    You're on my blogroll.

  • warriorknitter

    You're on my blogroll.

  • earlsdaughter

    Love the site found it through Guitargirl,RN!

  • earlsdaughter

    Love the site found it through Guitargirl,RN!

  • K. Erickson

    Relatively new reader here. Love your stuff and added you on my blogroll at You'll probably have to put me in “defies categorization” as I write all over the place from cars and guns, to marriage, to politics and religion. You name it. If it peaks my interest, I write about it.

  • Adam Thompson, EMT-P
  • Bluegrass Medic

    I've been E-stalking you for quite awhile, not to be creepy or anything. I've started a new blog of my own over at

  • Medic Trommashere

    Hello, Medic Trommashere here. I love you book, love your blog even more. After reading “En Route” I began blogging about my EMS life and life in general. You can find me at

    I have you linked to mine as well! Hope to see you there.

    ~Medic Trommashere~

  • LadyLizzie

    Hey AD, I just linked to you today, but I've been creeping on your blog for a long time (in a totally non-stalkerish way, of course.) You always have great posts and your blog roll provides me with endless entertainment when I've read all of your posts.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Mikemac356

    you have been linked at thanks for the entertainment

  • medicbirdie
  • Msparamedic

    well… now you’ve met me and Jer TWICE! so we can be moved, right? :D

  • Nursesrangels

    YIKES! I remember leaving a comment here, and after putting info in with disqus, I wasn’t sure if it made it or not…And the answer is…It sure didn’t. ;-)

    I’m a nurse that appreciates and admires the first-responders tremendously. Thank you for doing what you do!!

    I added your blog in my blogroll under, ‘By The Angel Nurses, Docs, And EMS’. Love reading your tales of the job. I imagine I’d go under Nursing blogs?!?!?!? Look forward to more writings….
    Gentle Hugs….

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  • Dianasprain

    Alright Kelly,
    I posted yours with a link on my site…and I do read your column because you make me laugh. your turn.