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Two Physicians Speak Out on Diagnosis

Yesterday, during the final day of EMS Today 2014, I was on my way to the podcast lounge to find a comfortable seat while I edited some product videos I had taken on the exhibit hall floor.   Before I could sit down, Chris Montera dragooned me into being his third guest on EMS Garage. […]

A Lawyer Speaks Out On Diagnosis

Earlier in the week, I bruised a few widdle feewings on Facebook when I replied in the affirmative to an EMS forum post asking if paramedics diagnose. Quite a few people agreed with me, and a number stubbornly disagreed, and called me everything from "paragod" to "full of myself" to "doctor wannabe" and assured me […]

Demystifying Diagnosis

Want to start a fight in an EMS social media forum? Just ask if EMTs diagnose. Invariably, you'll get hordes of people shitting their pants over a simple word, and twisting the English language into something unrecognizable in an effort to avoid calling something what it really is. General impression. Field diagnosis. Presumptive diagnosis. Field […]

For You Disciples of Spinal Immobilization…

… Bryan Bledsoe debunks your religion in the August issue of EMS World Magazine. And in that same issue, I take a dump on your altar. Our karma ran over your dogma.

On Pissing Contests and Patient Advocacy

I follow a few EMS forums on various social media sites, but lately I've been commenting less frequently because the signal-to-noise ratio leaves me in despair of the future of our profession. I have to wade through far too many comments from adrenaline junkies, protocol monkeys, booger-eating cretins and fervent disciples of EMS mythology to […]

For You EMS Types…

… there’s a new column on EMS1. Faith in EMS: My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma Enjoy, and chime in with your comments!

The By Gosh and By Gum Club

When I trained retrievers professionally, I used to get a steady stream of business from members of the By Gosh and By Gum Club, whose club motto went something like, “By gosh, it seemed like a good ideer, so by gum, that’s the way I done it.” They were the guys who thought the way […]

For You EMS Types, a Teaser for 2013

My writing partner Gene Gandy and I are planning a new series of monthly articles in EMS World Magazine. Each month, Gene and I are going to take on a particular piece of EMS dogma, myth or obsolete clinical practice, and subject it to the withering scrutiny of current research. We're still working on the […]

The Parable of the Five Monkeys

An excellent explanation as to why bad ideas and outdated concepts persist in EMS organizational culture.

What If There Was a Lasix Shortage, And Nobody Noticed?

According to TOTWTYTR, that should have been the title to my latest article in EMS World Magazine. Unfortunately, I had already submitted it to my editor by the time my buddy weighed in. Pity, that. I cribbed many of my best lines from him, including the original title of my book. Go, read. Enjoy.

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