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For You Disciples of Spinal Immobilization…

… Bryan Bledsoe debunks your religion in the August issue of EMS World Magazine. And in that same issue, I take a dump on your altar. Our karma ran over your dogma.

For You EMS Types…

… Gene Gandy and I have a new article in EMS World Magazine. Gotta give props to Gene, who did most of the heavy lifting in this one. Gene Gandy and Ambulance Driver, deconstructing EMS one myth at a time…

For You EMS Types…

… Gene Gandy and I drag the first of a few EMS sacred cows to the slaughterhouse in EMS World Magazine. This month, it's analgesia for abdominal pain. Look for other closely held dogma and false assumptions to be rudely hacked to pieces in future columns.

For You EMS Types, a Teaser for 2013

My writing partner Gene Gandy and I are planning a new series of monthly articles in EMS World Magazine. Each month, Gene and I are going to take on a particular piece of EMS dogma, myth or obsolete clinical practice, and subject it to the withering scrutiny of current research. We're still working on the […]

For You EMS Types…

… there's a new installment of "From Classroom to Street" in EMS World Magazine. Saved by the Basic EMT.   Enjoy!

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