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Reason #3586 My Kid Rocks

We had an important interview in the family today. No, not my interview. Mine was back in early October, and I rocked the interview and got the job, which they promptly eliminated before I could even start. Meh, such is life. But today was KatyBeth's district-wide interview for the Student of the Year competition. Candidates […]

Reason #3,674 My Kid Rocks

She just won Student of the Year in her grade division at her K-12 school. Next stop, the parish-wide competition. Her mother and I are a blessed set of parents.

Robert Brown, February 17, 1966 – September 4, 2013

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Damn you, cancer. Damn you all to hell. You took a good man from us, long before his time. This man was more than just a teacher and PE coach. He was a physical therapist, mentor, guide, role model, disciplinarian, motivator and protector to my daughter. He picked her up when she fell, and did […]

Overheard On The Way To School

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Listening to Andy McKee on the way to school: KatyBeth: “I love this song.” AD: “Me too. It’s a beautiful song.” KatyBeth: “I’ll bet his dad was blown away by that song.” AD: “Oh, I’m sure he was.” KatyBeth: “And all I did was make you a stupid birdhouse for Father’s Day.” AD: “The birdhouse […]

No Longer Cool

I should have seen it coming, really. At home, I'm still Dad. I'm the guy she comes to when she needs help, the guy she likes to hang out with, the guy whose approval she craves. As long as it's just us, watching Princess Bride or going shooting or playing out on the lake, it's […]

Overheard at the Food Court

KatyBeth: “Ugh. Boys are such pigs.” Me: “There will come a time when you won’t think so, sweetie.” KB: “Oh no, there won’t! They eat like pigs, and behave like pigs. It’s disgusting.” Me: “Sometimes you eat like a pig too, Miss I Don’t Close My Mouth When I Chew.” KB: “Yeah, but when I […]

Hey, Joe Biden?

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Here’s a couple of 10-year-old girls with one of those scary AR15 rifles that are too complex for women to operate: For a weapon too complex for women to operate, they were certainly having fun perforating Coke* cans with it, and doing so safely. I’d have given them a double-barreled shotgun to learn with, but […]

Tin Can Assassin*

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The child had grown a bit disenchanted with shooting the past couple years. Between her attempts to compensate for her weak eye and the lucky fin, it was difficult to hit the target without a lot of help. And she’s smart enough to know when Daddy is doing most of the work, and proud enough […]

Overheard On The Way To School

Me: "If you don't cheer up, I'm going to get out of the truck when we get to school, and do Gangnam Style right there in the parking lot, in my pajamas, in front of all your friends." KatyBeth (giggling): "You would not!" Me: "Don't think so? Just try me." KatyBeth: "Okay, okay, I'm smiling. […]

It May Be Black Friday To The Rest Of You…

… but to me it's a day to rejoice. On this day, 10 years ago, fear gnawed at my heart. My wife was being prepped for emergency surgery, while I knelt at an altar in a chapel three floors below, begging for the life of my child. My Valentine's Day baby was being taken before […]

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