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Hey, All You Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts EMTs!

Emergency Resource Management is conducting its 3rd Annual Winter Seminar on Saturday, December 14 in Portland, CT. I'll be doing EMS Mythbusters and Thoracic Trauma lectures, and Chief Jon Politis will be doing a couple of lectures as well. This is likely your last chance to get CEU credit in 2013, and the seminar has […]

A Ringing Endorsement

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When I speak at EMS conferences, I rarely have time to attend any lectures myself. When I do, it’s almost always a speaker I know personally. On the odd occasion I’ll attend a lecture from someone I don’t know, it’s always on a subject that really captures my interest. And luckily, most of the speakers […]

In Other News: Water Is Wet, Sky Is Blue

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Chime in with your comments, but keep them civil or you’ll eat Ban Hammer. If the most constructive statement you have to offer is calling someone a hose monkey or a stretcher fetcher, or yet another tired iteration of “private EMS cares more about money than people” or “firefighters are a bunch of testoterone addicts who suck at medical care,” find another forum, please.

Connecticut Bound

Just got dropped at the airport by the EMS Newbie, bound for Cromwell, CT to speak at the Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Conference. This is my third time to speak in Connecticut. They’re a bunch of nice folks up there. Maybe this time I’ll get to meet Peter Canning!

Nomex Underoos: ON

I always thought EMS had more in common with law enforcement than the fire service.

If You’re a Connecticut EMT…

… I’ll be speaking at the 15th Annual Connecticut EMS Conference in Cromwell on March 18-19. Look me up, and I’ll sign your book, share an adult beverage, or just swap lies with you while I’m there!

On Teaching, Mentoring and Stewardship

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When a preceptor passes on that “practical experience and training,” there are volumes of tradition, science, art, wisdom and bullshit encompassed in those four little words. The good preceptor passes on the collective wisdom – and sometimes, inadvertently, the bullshit – of our profession to the next generation, and I mean all of it; what EMS was, what EMS is, and what EMS should be. I’d say “what EMS will be,” but so much of that depends upon how well that preceptor does his job.

For You EMS Types

But in my years as a medic, I’ve learned a few techniques to minimize the muss and fuss of poking squirming children with sharp objects: First, minimize the lag time between telling the kid about a painful procedure and actually doing it; second, bribery works; and third, use the bevel-down IV technique.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda’s wisdom is applicable to all endeavors, not just becoming a Jedi Knight. Tonight, a friend was telling me of her struggles with paramedic class. How draining it was, the financial burden, the long drive back and forth to class, how difficult it was for study groups to get together… blah, blah, blah. My response: […]

For You EMS Types…

… there’s a new clinical tip on EMS1. Enjoy.

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