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Minions, It Is Time To Mobilize!

Okay guys, here’s the deal. I’m trying to help an EMS advocacy group get off the ground. They aim to raise awareness and provide education and peer support strategies for EMS people who suffer from mental illness, particularly depression and PTSD. They, like myself, are tired of constantly reading of our EMS brethren taking their […]

Shooter Self-Care First Aid: Class Full!

Wow, that was quick! The Shooter Self-Care First Aid Class filled up as of 0730 this morning. See y’all in Indy!

They Laughed, They Cried…

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… they held their lighters aloft and swayed rhythmically. Men bought me beer, and women threw their panties on the stage. You know, the usual.* Just got back from the ESCAPe Conference in Pipestem, WV and the Ohio ITLS Emergency Care Conference in Columbus, OH. Had a great reception at both. This is the third […]

Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…

… bound for Pipestem, WV and then Columbus, OH to do the EMS Expert* thing. If any of y’all plan to attend the ESCAPe Conference in Pipestem, or the Ohio ITLS Conference in Columbus, holla atcha boy. * If you have a laptop and a laser pointer, and you’re more than 100 miles from home, […]

In Defense of The Borg

May 19 will be my sixth anniversary as a Borg drone here at Southwest Hive. I’m still not fully assimilated. Likely never will be. I jokingly call my employer The Borg because of their tendency to gobble up smaller ambulance services on the fringes of their territory, relentlessly expanding their empire, like, well, The Borg. […]


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Just ran a call for a car overturned in a ditch. And by “ditch,” I mean “gully.” Or maybe “ravine” would be better. If we were further west, we’d call it an “arroyo.” You know, smaller than a canyon, but deeper than a trench. Deep enough that extricating someone from it would require specialized equipment […]

Well, Ain’t That Some Sh*t!

A Chandler, AZ woman is accused of a somewhat unusual murder attempt on her husband: A Chandler woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder Thursday after she was caught injecting her husband’s IV line with fecal matter at Chandler Regional Hospital, according to court documents. Rosemary Vogel’s husband was in the hospital recovering […]

Veteran’s Day

Thank you to all of those selfless men and women who have served in our country’s armed forces. Your service and your sacrifice are much of what makes this country great. Not just militarily, but in fulfilling the promise of the experiment in liberty that is the United States of America. It’s a nebulous thing, […]

Dear Borg IT Drones,

I’m sure, never having worked on an ambulance, that you’re mightily impressed with our recent CAD software upgrade. And truly, the graphics and buttons are kinda sexy. But while it probably makes sense to you to set it up to have the computer automatically plot a route to every friggin’ destination, to us, the end […]

Life Imitates Art

For you Half Life 2 fans, meet Jennifer, aka Alyx Vance. I know exactly how she feels. Without buying a single item, I could rummage through my gun safe and closets and find enough stuff to dress as Alice from the Resident Evil films. Hey, don’t judge me. I was going through a Milla Jovovich […]

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