For You EMS Types (Especially You Newbies)

This is your profession, make of it what you will. “Even when technology and the forces of health care finance have radically transformed the face of your profession, there will still be patients, there will still be practitioners, and there will still be peers. And your relationships with each of them will be what make the difference between your life’s ...

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Heads On a Swivel Out There…

Had a close call last week. My partner and I were headed back to our station in the wee hours of the morning, following a section of Interstate industrial loop known for traffic accidents. It’s a pretty bad piece of road, sweeping curve coming off a steep bridge, and the streetlights don’t really illuminate the area very well. The curve ...

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Where’s Ambulance Driver? Summer Edition


The Kelly Grayson World Tour continues, with speaking appearances at a paramedic program graduation at Kiamichi Technology Center in Poteau, OK on July 16, and then another at my EMS alma mater, Louisiana Delta Community College in West Monroe, LA on July 21. On July 30, Nancy Magee and I will be speaking at the Seminole EMS Conference in Seminole, ...

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Inside EMS Podcast

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss the latest EMS news and events, including the California fire department that stepped on its wedding tackle, PR wise, by billing a Good Samaritan $140 for a bandaged hand. Listen to the podcast here, and share with us your thoughts.

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Endorsement: Captain Mike Ledet, aka “Dr. Speck”


One very enjoyable part of this year’s LANREMT EMS Conference in my home state was the opportunity for several of the conference speakers to take a fishing charter with Captain Mike Ledet out of Cocodrie, LA. Mike’s a full-time deputy for Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Department and does all of their maritime and water rescue. He’s been a fishing guide in ...

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Time to Update the CV…


… to include 2016 Louisiana Paramedic of the Year. The man pictured with me is Randal Howard, 2016 Louisiana EMS Instructor of the Year. Randal is the EMS Chief for Ouachita Parish Fire Department, and one of the best instructors this state has to offer. He was my EMT and Paramedic instructor, and is thus the man responsible (or to ...

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Inside EMS Podcast: Love/Hate Edition


In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I pay our respects to Rich Beebe, a renowned EMS educator we lost last week in a motorcycle accident. We also discuss the love/hate relationship many of us have with EMS. Give it a listen, and share with us your thoughts.

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