Attention Senior Citizens…

…when you live barricaded behind burglar bars and numerous deadbolts because you fear for your safety in your particular neighborhood, please have a viable plan for allowing the police and EMTs access to your home should you ever need their help.

Because without a key, the good guys are kept out, too. Even if your neighbors have the phone number of whichever relative holds your extra deadbolt key, there is always the chance that neither the neighbor nor the relative will be home during your time of need.

Like tonight.

And when that happens, the police and the EMTs will stand on your stoop and watch you sprawled on the floor dying, powerless to help you until it’s too late.

Like tonight.

Please think about installing one of these in an inconspicuous location and letting the local ambulance and police know the combination. Also make sure your house numbers are easily visible from the street or painted in reflective paint on the curb. Better yet, get one of these.

It could literally save your life.