Go Team Me!

MiniKat of Little Thoughts From An Average Mind was kind enough to gift me with a blog award:

Thank you, Ma’am! I’m supposed to pass the award along to fifteen of my favorite reads, but since MiniKat already covered about half of those, I will simply direct your attention over to my left sidebar, where I list the Blogs I Read Every Day. Any of them is a worthwhile place to spend your time.

In other news, my column for EMS1.com was nominated for a Maggie Award in the Best Regularly Featured Web Column/Trade category.

The Maggies are given out by the Western Publishing Association to highlight excellence in print and on-line media, and EMS1’s parent company, Praetorian Group, garnered an impressive eight nominations.


I know that my posting has become more sporadic as of late, but bear with me, folks. Between work, deadlines and other commitments and a raging case of Chronic Empathy Deficiency, the muse has forsaken me for the past several weeks.

Lately she’s been murmuring inspiration in my ear, though, so I’ve got some stuff percolating. As soon as I get some paid continuing education articles written, I’ll update you on the latest adventures of Sumdood.