Overheard on the ‘Bolance

Kelso: “I swear to God, I’m gonna punch his lights out.”

AD: “Take a deep, cleansing breath. Get in touch with your inner child. Go to your Happy Place.”

Kelso: “Knocking him the fuck out would be my Happy Place.”

AD: “Sorry, your window to do that was back when he still had his hands around your throat. That’s self defense. Now that we’ve got him restrained, it’d be retaliation. And retaliation is a non-no.”

Kelso (hopefully): “You gonna let me ride in with him? He’s a Status Four, right?”

AD: “He is, but I’ll ride in with this one. You still haven’t gone to your Happy Place.”

Kelso (still angry): “Dude what the fuck is this ‘Happy Place’ you keep talking about?”

AD: “A midget on a stick horse, a lingerie-clad blonde with a pitcher of beer in each hand, and Apollo Creed playing piano and crooning Carpenters tunes. And when we’re done with this call, we’re going to have to address these gaping holes in your pop culture education.”

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