Best Damned Code 3 Song EVER

Despite all the advances in ambulance design with forward-facing seats, the better lighting systems and high visibility paint schemes, the tattletale boxes and drive cams and Opticons and Rumbler sirens and engine governors and low-forces driving standards and EVO courses…

… the thing  that will really make emergency driving demonstrably safer is turning off the lights and siren and slowing the hell down. And thankfully, many EMS systems are beginning to recognize that, and are curtailing lights and siren responses for all but the most critical call types.

Despite the lies we've told ourselves over the years and the expectations we've fostered in the public, doing the speed limit and obeying all the traffic signals won't harm 95% of our patients, and an extra 30-45 seconds on an urban response (and that's all the woo woo box and the cherries will save you, on average) ain't gonna have much deleterious effect on the 5% who do have time-critical conditions.

But still, for those times when you absolutely must light it up and play with the siren, there is only one song that must be on the soundtrack.

I give you… the Greatest Code 3 Driving Song Evar:


I mean, if you don't feel you pulse quicken with that song blasting on the stereo as you wave in and out of traffic like Cole Trickle, your inner adrenaline junkie is well and truly dead.

So how about you guys? If you put together your very own Code 3 mix CD, what other songs would be on it?