KTKC Fundraising Challenge: The Standings

Okay guys, we're 11 days into Kilted to Kick Cancer 2012, and I have the standings tallied through 15:30 CST on September 11. Thus far we've raised $4,220.

Keep in mind the challenge rules that stated only donations made between 00:01 September 1 CST and 23:59 September 30 CST would count toward your fundraising totals.

Some of you started raising funds prior to that, and thus your true charitable donations may be higher than what is listed here. We truly appreciate that, but in the interests of fairness, we could only count donations made within a specific time frame.

For the sake of brevity, I've combined totals between PCF and LiveStrong, and only the top 10 fundraisers are listed:

  1. Jay G.                           $1325
  2. Kelly Grayson             $500 (not eligible for prize packages)
  3. Caleb Giddings          $375
  4. Scott Coykendall        $245
  5. Joseph Miller              $209
  6. MotorCop                     $175
  7. Jeff Brosius                 $160
  8. Stingray                        $125
  9. Old NFO                       $125
  10. Patrick St. Jean           $45

Y'all keep beating the streets, wearing your kilts and spreading the message. Remember that the research dollars are important, but even more important is awareness. Men need to know that they need a prostate cancer screening if they're over age 40.

Readers, it'd be nice if we made a horse race of this. If you don't donate on my behalf, pick another of those guys close to the top and donate on their behalf. The closer the standings are, the more motivated they are to raise money.

Get kilted, and get checked!

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