Tin Can Assassin*

The child had grown a bit disenchanted with shooting the past couple years. Between her attempts to compensate for her weak eye and the lucky fin, it was difficult to hit the target without a lot of help.

And she’s smart enough to know when Daddy is doing most of the work, and proud enough to be insulted by it.

Solution: shooting sticks, reactive targets, and a holographic sight.


She had a lot of difficulty finding the proper eye relief with her scope, and as a result the poor child’s sight picture was pitch black most of the time.

So I replaced the scope with a cheap holographic sight, and bought her a shooting stick that will allow her to shoot essentially one-handed.

Huge improvement.

Her form still needs a lot of work, and the phrase “consistent cheek weld” is still a distant fantasy, and she takes a while to line up her shot…

… but when the child pulls the trigger, she hits the target. Kid has a sniper’s sensibility: one shot, one kill. Old NFO would be proud.


As you can see, it was a good day.

*Why yes, that is a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy holding an AR15. Because that’s just how we roll down here in Bitter Clingerville.

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