This and That

NRA Annual Meeting:

Who's going? Anybody got plans to get together and cling bitterly to our guns and religion while we're there?

TOTWTYTR and I will be there from May 2-6, staying at the Crowne Plaza.

Can any of you local types recommend a public range to go shoot some skeet or 5-stand on May 2? Alan? Ron? Shooter?

Texas EMS Conference:

Looks like instead of Epic Hog Hunt III before this year's conference, we'll be having Epic Duck Hunt I. Can anybody from around the DFW metroplex recommend a reputable waterfowl outfitter within an hour or so of Fort Worth?

I need to brush up on my duck calling.

Anybody around the metroplex willing to loan a pair of size 10 waders to a Limey for the weekend of November 23rd? There's a six pack of beer in it for ya. He might even be able to bring you sumpin from Merry Olde England.

Where's AD next?

Headed to Lake Ozark, MO from April 15-17 for the ICE Spring Break Conference.

May 20, I'll be in/around/near Mattoon, IL speaking at an EMS Week banquet.

June 9-12 I'll be at the LANREMT Conference at the Paragon Casino and Resort in Marksville, LA.

Waiting to hear back from MA, KY, PA, CO and NJ for late summer and fall 2013.

Audiophiles and sound geeks, I'm thinking about buying one of these to keep from talking myself hoarse at smaller venues that never seem to have enough audio hookups for all their presenters. Speaker Tweaker, what say you?

Bought myself a new Remington 887 Nitro Mag the other day for a new hunting shotgun, with a mind to convert my 870 Express to a home defense shotgun. Now that I've shot the 887, I think I'll keep the 870 as is. There's no replacing a shotgun that I point and swing like it's a part of my own body. In the next couple of months I'll send it off to get it bead blasted and camo-dipped. Meanwhile, might take some Clover valve-lapping compound to the slide rails on the 887 and see if I can smooith it up.

Of course, that leaves me still without a home-defense shotgun, but I happen to have a Browning BPS sitting in the safe looking for honest work, and a fledgling gunsmith who is willing to do the full-on custom work such a conversion requires.

In keeping with AD's Theorem of Justification, I have decided that I need one more handgun. And that handgun shall be… [insert drum roll] …a Smith & Wesson M&P9 compact.

Omaha Steaks ships quality steaks all over the country. Their Cajun blackened shrimp… not so much. Hey, Omaha Steaks? If it's uncooked, *I* do the blackening, not you. And you can't call it "Cajun" by simply coating it in enough cayenne pepper that you can't taste the shrimp. Let Clotilde down on da bayou handle da shrimp cookin', cher, and y'all stick to dat dead cow, okay?


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