I Don’t Know, There’s Something About Him. Reminds Me Of… Me.*

Transported a little four-year-old boy a little while ago. Cute little guy, big ears and an even bigger gap-toothed grin. He talked a mile a minute, and had zero volume control on his voice.

And this dude was a total Forrest Gump movie quote savant. We spent the entire transport trading lines from the movie, and he never missed a one. Sadly, the transport ended before I could see if he knew Princess Bride or Blazing Saddles.

Starting to remind you of someone?

I was tempted to ask his mother if we hadn't crossed paths at EMS World Expo 2008 in Las Vegas.

Because I gotta tell you, that whole trip was a blur.




*And of course, yet another classic line for the rest of you movie quote savants.

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